Thinking of opening your very own Bridal Shop? Want to sell gorgeous Wedding dresses? Want to know where to start...?


Starting a Bridal Business?

- you need to read this first!

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How to open a bridal shop - THE Essential guide to a Successful
Retail Bridal Business in the UK

Many start-up books will give blanket advice on retailing
and owning your own business.

There has never been anything specific to the bridal trade, this is because it is a very guarded industry and those who work in it wish to keep their secrets to themselves.

With over 250,000 weddings happening in the UK every year
the market is huge but it is also highly competitive. Fashionista's who dream
of opening their own wedding boutique will find the industry will close ranks
and refuse to offer a helping hand to the novice.

Instead they will allow a fledgling bridal shop owner to
flounder, as the little sister of the mighty fashion trade the wedding industry
will make the uninitiated sink or swim.

If you can prove yourself only then will they deign to proffer a seat
next to them and offer polite conversation.

No-one else will tell you the truth, the secrets or the little white lies of the Bridal Retail Business.

The book the Bridal Industry will not want you to read!